Official app

To access the App, use the registration code you were given in your registration confirmation email.

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How do I access the App?

To access the app you must enter the registration code you should have received in your race registration confirmation email. It usually has a format similar to: XXX-XXXXXXX. If you do not have it, contact the race organisers.

What do I need to set it up on my phone?

The App will ask you for permission to track your location in order to measure the distance you have traveled. In order to participate in the Race you must accept all the requests that may appear in this regard. Your data will only be used to track the Race and the tracking will only be active while you are on the timing screen.

If you have an iPhone, make sure that you have configured that the App tracks your loaction, so that in case it goes to the background you can continue to record your position. You can check and give these permissions from: Settings --> Scroll until you see the App icon --> Location --> Always.

If you have an Android 10 phone or superior model. You must choose permissions "Always allow" from the information screen of the App, so that in case it goes to the background you can continue to register your position.

Do I need to adjust the saving mode or battery optimization options?

If you're using an Android phone, the battery saving and optimization features can close the App while you're running and the phone's screen is off. To avoid this, you must configure the App so that it can work in the background, add it in the list of exceptions of the optimizer or cancel the optimization.

You can do this configuration from the app's settings screen or by accessing the following option depending on the brand of your phone:

HTC: > Battery Settings > Battery Optimization > Not Optimized > All > Race APP > Do Not Optimize > Save.


  1. Reset the battery settings and add Race App to "Protected Apps".
  2. Settings > Apps > Advanced > Ignore > Allowed Optimizations > All > Race App > Allow.

LG: > Settings > Battery and Power Saving > Battery Usage > Ignore Optimizations > Activate for the Race APP.

Motorola: > Battery Settings > select the menu in the upper right corner > Battery Optimization > Not Optimized > All > > Not Optimized Race App.

OnePlus (with OxygenOS settings): Settings > Battery Optimization > select the menu above > switch to "All Apps" > Race APP > Do Not Optimize.

Samsung: Settings > Apps > select the menu in the upper right corner > Special Access > Optimize battery usage > All > Disable for Race App.

Sony: > Settings > select the menu in the upper right corner > Battery Optimization > Apps > Race App.

Xiaomi (MIUI OS): Settings > Additional configuration > Battery and performance > Manage battery usage > Apps > Race App.

The App isn’t showing my location?

Make sure you have the required permissions to use your location. Settings > Apps > Race App > Permissions > Activate location. Also make sure that you have allowed the App to make use of  GPS in the background.

Also keep in mind that during the first metres of the race the app can take about 10-20 seconds to show the first distance recorded depending on your speed and location.